Ventum General - A Trading Company in Ethiopia
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We power
By providing equipments and finishing Materials
We Power
By Supplying high quality Paper & Office Supplies, Furniture and Vehicles
We Power
By Supplying top of the Line equipment for efficient + high Quality Production
Plastic Raw Materials Coffee Machines Money Counters


We Power industries & homes

Ventum general importer is a trading company based in Ethiopia that imports high quality furniture, coffee machines, vehicles, construction machinery, generator, building finishing materials, factory raw materials for plastic, paper and stationary materials, telecom equipment, laundry equipment for large scale enterprises, retailers, local and international companies

The name Ventum in latin translates to “Into the Wind”, and the core of our brand is to reach unchartered territory in terms of trading from our approach to scale, reliability, variety and quality.

We are committed to create a platform where anyone from the small business owner to large corporation to come and build their businesses start to finish
-In their own way.

About Us

Our Products

We Power homes, industries and businesses by offering a growing list of products imported from the industry leading brands from all over the globe in the sectors below

We Provide High end Coffee Grinders, Coffee Roasters, Coffee Machines, Espresso Machines for Coffee Processing Plants, Coffee shops with variety of Drum sizes and processing capabilities


We Import High quality laundry equipment including industrial washing machines, Home washing machines and Washing Detergents for both personal consumption and industrial washing needs for hotels and laundry services


We provide High quality Tiles, Rubber ,Linoleum sheet , Floor covering, Wallpapers, Paint,Tiles, Moldings,Architraves, Mirrors for Door and Windows, Steel lathing ,Linings, Tiles, Cladding, Corrugated steel, Profiled light aluminum, Roof glaze, Hand washing sinks, Bathtub, Toilet, Shower Accesories, Medicine cabinets so that you finish your Building, hotel or home As You Envisioned it


We provide Durable and heavy duty cranes,Excavators, Pavers, Loaders,Compactors or Rollers, Tele handlers, Fillers, Dump trucks, Pile boring equipment, Mixers and elevators to super-charge your construction projects


We provide High quality for business and home including Office Furniture, Dining Furniture, Living Room Furniture, Kitchen Furniture to boost the ambiance and make your home and office an elegant experience


We Provide feature packed money counters which are IR enabled with various sizes to Expedite your cash processing workflow


We import high end transmission equipment for your telecom infrastructure from the leading brands in the industry


We import high end, heavy duty generators from variety of leading brands as per your specification and preferences for your home, business office and or Manufacturing plant


We Provide High quality Business Stationary including Printing Paper of various sizes and volumes, whiteboards, printer cartridges, photocopier toner, for business and printing presses both on demand and with a subscription


We import high quality Polyethylene, High-Density Polyethylene, Low-Density Polyethylene, Polystyrene, ethylene, PET, PVC for Plastic Manufacturers


We provide a variety of models of cars with plenty of size, models and brands from multiple locations for your personal use, office fleet, and shipping needs



Why Choose Ventum

We ensure that every purchase we make on your behalf is paired with a standards check. Quality matters to us as much as it matters to you.


Built on top of our partnerships with vendors worldwide, we offer a growing variety of products and deliver as per your vision and specification.


Our emphasis on building lasting business relationships coupled with our growing portfolio of products empowers our customers from start to finish


We embrace transparency to fuel lasting relationships based on persistence, mutual trust and integrity with everyone we engage with.


Some Of Our Imported Brands


Contact Us


Your feedback is important for us and we take delight in responding to you enquires about business operations, partnerships and or products, you can send us your enquires directly on the form below and the dedicated personnel will get back to you as soon as possible


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